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Messages from Dredd…

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When you sneeze in front of your cat and they look at you like you’ve just insulted their entire family.

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"Theater feels more organic, there's no stop and go. Film is a whole different animal."

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How papopiarts and I play Spanish Scrabble… 

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Anonymous Asked:
Nick, what does one do exactly to garner two favors from an Irish Mob Boss?


Kelly: Dude. He wouldn’t fucking tell me when I asked him, you really think he’ll tell you?

Nick: I am not on the take from the Irish Mob.

Kelly: But you’d be super hot if you were. 

Ty: I think we’ve finally reached the morally bankrupt stage of Kelly’s development.

Owen: Hell, we reached that in 2004.

Digger: Word.

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Migration of stingrays.

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clint and sam compliment each other on their hotness and then engage in a round of bird puns.
    ↳ “aww, thanks, clint. you’re not bad looking yourself.” “aww shucks, sam. i’m blushing.”

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*giggle* Carter Verone being all hot and evil on my tv~

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