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Queen of Hearts blend @ Adagio"Escape to the gardens of Wonderland with this fragrant blend; a bouquet of sophisticated rose and tangy hibiscus flavors, and the floral sweetness of blackberry. Just remember the queen likes her roses red—not pink, not green, not aquamarine—or it’ll be off with your head!"

teas: summer rose, blackberry, hibiscus
accents: rose petals, hibiscus

The QoH is one of those charas I had a very clear idea for thanks to her love for roses (and mine for the summer rose tea), so that’s where I started. And while I wanted to maintain a floral/garden theme, I wanted something sweet to contrast such flavors. A happy compromise of the two, I went with blackberry. And hibiscus flavored tea with a dash of extra hibiscus petals for some candy-like floral flavors with a tangy bite.


So what’s it like?

A regal blend equal parts fruity and floral; tastes very true to scent. A balanced blend where no flavor dominates another despite assertively flavored teas like summer rose. It’s all at once light, floral, and sweet with just a touch of juicy tartness from the hibiscus. Surprisingly mellow flavors compared to the vibrant scent of the dry tea.